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4 False Facts About Paragliding

4 False Facts About Paragliding

Paragliding Myth No. #1: Is Oludeniz paragliding dangerous?

Is there any risk here? Actually, no, not at all with Ying Yang Travel. You ask why?

It’s a common misconception that paragliding is a risky activity. Even pilots with years of experience flying have never seen anything more catastrophic than a twisted ankle during a landing in the Yin Yang Travel paragliding crew. Of course, adventurers who acquire used equipment (and there should not be a second-hand idea in parachute, whether it expires in 2 years, that parachute should no longer be utilized) incur greater dangers as solo pilots. However, this isn’t about sports per se. It’s all about the pilot in this situation. As a result, flying with established businesses and their skilled pilots is the safest and most sensible choice.

So, the chances of being involved in a paragliding accident are drastically decreased.

#2: How much does paragliding in Oludeniz cost? Is Fethiye Oludeniz paragliding expensive?

Fethiye Oludeniz paragliding prices range from $ 150. While price disparities across firms may be variable, we may say that this is about average when seen as a whole. The trip includes rides to the Babadag runway. For picture and video shoots, you can pay extra.

Is paragliding costly when you consider the money spent on equipment, instruction, and experience gained by the pilots? We have the authority to say no.

When comparing paragliding prices at Oludeniz, Turkey, it’s important to consider the safety, experience, and equipment dimensions since they might vary widely.

#3: Wind is required for paragliding – like a lot.

Flying begins and continues with the help of wind. However, if there is too much wind, takeoff may be problematic (or impossible). Thus, our experienced pilots begin their flights in mild weather—often in winds that look too calm to people inexperienced with paragliding—and then acquire speed by sprinting down the slope before gliding to their destination. This means that days with medium to moderate winds are better for paragliding.

#4: Parachutes are built to endure a lifetime.

A paraglider is lightweight, agile flight equipment instead of a material that must be cleaned and reused year after year. As it’s constructed of nylon and durable plastic material, the glider will eventually wear out.

Use of a parachute can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months, depending on how frequently you fly. And this time frame is set by the Turkish Air Association. So, there are a couple of seasons to talk about. The danger increases if you take more than the recommended number. Paragliding, as previously said, is essentially risk-free. However, people and the variables they influence do present a threat. As a result, we may advise you to only engage with travel agencies that are subject to regular audits.

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