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4 Must-See Ancient Sites Near Fethiye Oludeniz

4 Must-See Ancient Sites Near Fethiye Oludeniz

With its beach and lagoon, Ölüdeniz has already established itself as a natural wonder. The clear blue sky above this lagoon, as well as the Babadag paragliding experience, are both works of aesthetic beauty in their own rights. For their part, remnants of ancient empires such as the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires may still be seen, and many of these monuments are included on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

Check out our selection of historical natural marvels to see in and around Fethiye if you’re searching for something different.


#1: Kayakoy Ancient City

Because it is only nine kilometers west of Ölüdeniz Beach, a visit to the ancient ruins of Kayaköy may be completed in a half-day. It is possible to see the stone structures, and the church remains of Levissi, which was once a prosperous Ottoman Greek community but is now a ghost town on the hillside above Kayaköy.

The Greek-Turkish population exchange resulted in the relocation of most Ottoman Greek villages in Turkey to Greece. This village had been abandoned and was in ruins when it was relocated to Greece. It is worth noting that two churches have survived among the ruins, and they are positioned in the heart of the complex, where they are better maintained than the house’s remnants. Close to the mountain’s summit are two churches: the tiny Kataponagia church and the bigger Taxiarkis church, which was erected in the late 19th century.

#2: Tlos Ruins

It’s 52 kilometers east of Fethiye to find the ruins of Tlos, which was once an essential Lycian metropolis and is now a national park.

The village was occupied continuously by the Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and lastly Ottoman governments throughout its history. Unlike many other ancient city areas, the ancient city of Tlos was inhabited continuously until the last period of the Ottoman Empire. It was only completely abandoned in the nineteenth century, in contrast to many other ancient city areas.

The Acropolis is home to some of the most impressive ruins in the world. When you gaze on the Acropolis, you will notice an Ottoman fortress on top of it, as well as numerous Lycian rock tombs. In addition, the Roman Theater and the adjacent Roman Baths, both of which include reliefs that are still in excellent shape, are well worth visiting.



It is known as the sacred heart of Lycia, and its temples of Leto, Apollo and Artemis draw in visitors from all over the world who are interested in ancient history. In this ancient city, which is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, visitors may stroll along the Lycian Way. It is one of the most popular destinations for daily trips departing from Fethiye. It is claimed that the city was constructed by the Greek goddess Leto, who was pregnant at its construction by Zeus.

Letoon is located between the Fethiye and Kaş highways, and tourist trips are made every day from both directions to this historic site.

#4: Saklikent Canyon

Saklıkent, which is 53 kilometers southeast of Ölüdeniz, is one of the most popular day-trips from Ölüdeniz during the summer months.

Most of the Fethiye-based tour companies provide a day excursion to this site, and many of these journeys include an additional stop along the way to show visitors the Tlos ruins located nearby.

High canyon walls, some of which may exceed 200 meters in height, provide protection from the summer heat while also providing a refreshing respite.

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