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Paragliding For People Who Have Height Fear: Is Paragliding Scary?

Paragliding For People Who Have Height Fear: Is Paragliding Scary?

The answer is no to this commonly asked question. Don’t you believe it? Let us show how to overcome fear Paragliding?

  1. It is not about height itself.
  2. This fear is triggered by standing beside a hill and calculating the risk of falling. Not by flying or gliding.
  3. And the solution is mainly about mutual trust.

Vertigo and fear of heights are mainly only experienced when standing on a tangible object/touching the ground, and looking down. These sentiments do not arise while Paragliding fear can be overcome in the first few seconds as the glide is smooth and continuous. And what we commonly refer to as a fear of heights is actually a phobia caused by a shift in the depth perception. Converging lines, such as the side of a hill, a mountain, a cliff, or a building receding away from you, activate your fear of heights.

To put it another way, if a person in the plane is not afraid of the height because he or she trusts to pilot, the vehicle and the system that makes the plane fly, the fear of paragliding heights is usually based on depth perception and may be addressed by reinforcing the feeling of trust.

Don’t worry; experienced paragliding pilots within the Yin Yang Travel paragliding team in Oludeniz Fethiye got your back!


How To Overcome Paragliding Fear Of Heights?

It is critical to meet and speak with your pilot prior to flight time and to feel comfortable with each other. And also, our professional pilots will provide you with knowledge about paragliding steps and safety procedures.

Second, all paragliding equipment must undergo stringent quality checks before being supplied. The Turkish Aeronautical Association also inspects the equipment’s innovation and condition on an annual basis. In other words, if you trust these devices like you would an aircraft, you will no longer be afraid.

How Do You Train Yourself Not To Be Afraid Of Heights?

Those afraid of heights or dizzy might also find solace by constantly conversing with the pilot while flying and feeling in control of the situation.

The paragliding pilot’s and the entire team’s trust is crucial in this situation.

Yin Yang Travel paragliding stands out among the paragliding options in Fethiye Oludeniz because of its competent and experienced instructors. Only knowledge and experience will allow you to reassure, calm, and manage passengers who have a fear of heights and vertigo (dizziness).

Do you have anything on your mind?
It’s perfectly natural. We are available to provide information and answer questions concerning paragliding safety or paragliding prices in Fethiye Oludeniz.
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