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Oludeniz Paragliding Prices

Oludeniz Paragliding Prices

You can add excitement and fun to your holiday with paragliding, which is an extreme activity. Paragliding is an activity where you can spend adrenaline-filled time accompanied by instructors and a unique view from the high slopes of the mountains. Oludeniz paragliding, which is the most preferred place and will be an unforgettable memory with its view, is a special activity for once in your life. In this article, we will try to tell you how much the Fethiye, Oludeniz paragliding prices are and how to do paragliding activity.

All You Need To Know About Paragliding in Oludeniz, Turkey

Oludeniz is among the best beaches in Turkey. It is the ideal activity to enjoy this unique view from the sky and to spend an adrenaline-filled time. Experienced teachers and experienced pilots certified by the Turkish Aeronautical Association will accompany you during this flight over Babadağ. Thus, you can add excitement to your Fethiye holiday by floating in the sky in safe hands.

There are 5 runways in Babadağ for Oludeniz paragliding. After climbing to the designated runway by vehicles, fully equipped flight equipment will be installed. Oludeniz paragliding is safe and guided by experienced pilots.

Then, all you need to do is run from the flight track and start watching the view of the Oludeniz.

Our instructor will safely guide the parachute while you enjoy the adrenaline and view during the flight. The flight will take approximately 25-30 minutes depending on the weather conditions.

Best Oludeniz Paragliding Prices $ 150

With the privilege of Yin Yang Travel, it is quite easy to find the best paragliding prices in Oludeniz. You can also make a reservation 12 hours before the activity through our application. You can check our price section for Oludeniz paragliding prices, and you can make a reservation according to the number of people and by choosing the time slots. Special services in the activity are among the main factors to consider when determining Oludeniz paragliding prices. At this point, you must agree with activity companies that provide insurance. Before deciding on paragliding, it is useful to research the included and not included features in each package.

Paragliding is one of the best options when you are bored in the hotel room during your holiday in Fethiye or when you want to add color to your holiday. If you have not planned and want to do detailed research about Oludeniz paragliding prices, you can download the Yin Yang Travel mobile application immediately and find the best Oludeniz paragliding prices for you.

Who Cannot Paraglide?

Unfortunately, people with some diseases cannot do paragliding to prevent experiencing any kind of health problems after taking off. First of all, women who are pregnant cannot participate in flights because adrenaline is dangerous for them. Besides, asthma patients, people with heart disease, and epilepsy cannot participate in flights due to health risks, and underage kids cannot fly without family consent.

What is Tandem Paragliding?

If you want to do paragliding very much but you cannot overcome your fear, tandem paragliding is one of the flights that will make you more comfortable and feel safe. We can call tandem paragliding two-person paragliding. You fly with an experienced pilot and all you have to do is run while taking off. This type of paragliding, which is generally preferred by tourists, allows you to paraglide without the need for training. Thus, you enjoy more floating in the sky.

What Should Be Worn While Paragliding?

If your flight is midday, we recommend that you take sunglasses with you. On your flights to Fethiye, you should dress depending on the weather temperature, but not too heavy. We recommend that you wear clothes that will not disturb you during the flight and will allow you to have a pleasant flight.

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