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Paragliding in Oludeniz

Paragliding in Oludeniz

Babadağ in Fethiye Ölüdeniz is a 1969 meters high geological miracle in terms of paragliding. If you are feeling a little adventurous during your vacation, you can experience something different here. You can fly in the air along with the magnificent view of the blue lagoon from Babadağ, which offers a panoramic view of the region. Oludeniz offers the best tandem paragliding environment in the world. With the departure points close to the summit of Babadağ, it allows everyone to enjoy the bird’s eye view of the famous lagoon.

Babadağ Paragliding has qualified and experienced pilots. We have comprehensive insurance and have flown people of all ages between 6 and 85 years old.

Let us show you why thousands of people are enjoying this altitude adventure. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t involve cliff jumping, all you have to do is run a few steps and take off.

Oludeniz has one of the highest commercial departure locations in the world. While giving you the most spectacular flight at 1969 meters, you can experience 360 degree turns, wingovers, and even thermal flight that can extend the time. If you want, fly calmly and smoothly, it’s totally up to you.

We offer pilotage courses (beginner level pilot), advanced or tandem courses for beginners.

Requirements for Paragliding

  1. A pair of closed shoes (can be sneakers)
  2. You must be a maximum of 100 kg
  3. Age limit: 4 years old and above
  4. You don’t need to be experienced

Is Paragliding safe?

  1. All adventure activities have an element of fear, that’s what makes them exciting.
  2. Our pilots have min. 10 years of experience and are licensed by THK (Turkish Aeronautical Association).Our pilots have min. 10 years of experience and are licensed by THK (Turkish Aeronautical Association).

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