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Where is Oludeniz Beach in Turkey? How to get to Blue Lagoon from Fethiye?

Where is Oludeniz Beach in Turkey? How to get to Blue Lagoon from Fethiye?

Oludeniz Beach is part of the Fethiye district and is well-known for its 3 km long beach and serene sea. After reaching the city of Fethiye, you can walk an average of 10 kilometers to the coastline.

If you’re taking public transportation, shuttles/buses run between Dalaman Airport and Antalya to the beach.

Where is Oludeniz Lagoon?

Oludeniz Lagoon
The beach is divided into two sections. The first section is Belcekiz Beach, which has more waves. The second section is Kumburnu Beach, which contains the authentic Oludeniz lagoon, also known as the Blue Lagoon.

With its quiet and azure waters, Oludeniz provides a wonderful sense of peace. These stagnate various spring water releases clean waters, and there is continual circulation in the sea with these mineral and salt outlets. The silent, still, and calm Oludeniz lagoon retains its cleanliness as a result of these natural resources and the tides.

What is the depth of Oludeniz?

The depth does not exceed your height for the first 4-5 meters in Oludeniz or Kumburnu beach. It quickly deepens after that, though.

Does Oludeniz Beach have an entrance fee?

There is no entrance fee because it is a public beach, although sunbeds and umbrellas are not free. The price of an umbrella and a sunbed at Oludeniz Beach in 2021 is 15 TL per each.

Because Kumburnu Beach is a national park, there are entrance fees for vehicles. (25 TL for small vehicles)

Within the beaches, there are cafes, restaurants, beach sections, and bathrooms and showers.

Which is the most beautiful beach in Oludeniz?

As we learned, Oludeniz beach is actually a part of Kumburnu beach. Oludeniz lagoon, named the most beautiful beach in the world in 2006, is a beach that has proven its uniqueness worldwide.

Belcekiz beach, on the other hand, has a blue flag but a relatively wavy sea.

How do I travel from Oludeniz to Butterfly Valley?

If you visit Fethiye Oludeniz and are curious about the most beautiful Oludeniz beach, we recommend that you do not leave without seeing Butterfly Valley.

Butterfly Valley Fethiye is a short distance from the seashore. To get there, you must first visit Oludeniz Beach and travel by the Fethiye Oludeniz boat tours. The Butterfly Valley is roughly a 25-minutes away.

What makes Butterfly Valley so unique?

Because of its unique nature, almost separated from the rest of the world, its waterfall, numerous butterflies that give it its name, and its white beach, it takes visitors to another dimension

You can enjoy the sea on the beach or in the open after coming by boat and spend a lovely day at the intersection of the mountain and the sea.

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